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Accessibility Information
Number of Floors2

Support for the Mobility Impaired
The premises are reached by 9 steps with a hand rail on either side, this may make it difficult for some mobility users. A banister follows up each stairway, we have 2 stairways on the inside. We have 2 rooms acccessed from the 1st landing, through a fire door, another 3 rooms are accessed up one other step at the top of the 1st landing, On the 2nd landing we have another 3 rooms, through a fire door. The dinning room and lounge are reached from the foyer, no steps. From our web site you can access a complete accessment.

Support for the Visually Impaired
We have white strips leading to the front door, with hand rail all the way.

Support for the Hearing Impaired
We have updated to the new fire regulations.